Wrist Aficionado has been my longest-standing client. My professional journey with them began at the inception stage when they were only identifiable by their brand name. Since then, I have played a pivotal role in establishing and evolving the brand into its current state of prestige. We've successfully cultivated an environment where our customers have transitioned into trusted confidantes, and our clientele now includes some of the most renowned athletes and entertainers, all seeking our unique selection of watches and jewelry.
Initially, my role was centered around Social Media Management. Currently, as the Creative Director, I oversee all communication and branding initiatives within the company. Throughout a span of four years, we have significantly expanded our physical presence with three locations: Upper East Side in New York, The Setai Hotel Miami Beach in Florida, and the esteemed Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills, California.
Above: As part of my responsibilities at Wrist Aficionado, I ensure that all creatives adhere to the brand's vision and tone, including the photography of our watches. In collaboration with esteemed photographer Zuumy, I provided creative direction to narrate the watch's story, striking a balance between elegance and excitement.
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A new role of a creative director involves strategizing and implementing community-building efforts on social platforms that are in line with our brand identity. Acting as the central figure for ideation and execution, I take charge of content creation either independently or by collaborating with others. This vital aspect plays a pivotal role in showcasing our brand to the world. At the inception of Wrist Aficionado, we lacked physical stores and recognition. It was my responsibility to establish a cohesive culture and efficient workflow within the team to effectively communicate our story and earn the trust of our audience via social media.
Among the array of tools I've crafted, one project that fills me with immense pride is the Wrist Aficionado magazine. This publication serves as a captivating platform to delve into the rich history of Wrist Aficionado. A copy accompanies every shipped watch, and you can find it gracing the rooms of prestigious hotels like the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills and The Setai Hotel in Miami Beach.
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