As a Creative Director, I had the pleasure of working with Marcus of Paragon Auto Spa, a leading mobile car detailing service in New York. My collaboration with Marcus began with capturing his expertise in the field through stunning photoshoots. Eventually, it expanded to developing various communication tools, including a brochure for both digital and print platforms. I also crafted eye-catching digital content to showcase the special programs and promotions offered by Paragon Auto Spa. With a focus on preserving the brand's identity, I have helped Marcus effectively communicate his services to clients. Discover some of my work for Paragon Auto Spa below.
Above: I created a versatile brochure for Paragon Auto Spa that can be used both in print and digital formats. Utilizing the storytelling format, this brochure can be easily adapted to fit the dimensions of social media platforms, allowing Marcus to showcase the pricing and details of his various services in a creative and engaging manner. With its design, Marcus can effectively communicate his offerings to customers.
The above displays four instances of incorporating animation and 3D into my process to effectively convey a message. These were designed for storytelling and reel formats to reach a larger audience and grab their attention. It resulted in a 56% increase in inquiries.​​​​​​​
Our plan for advertising involves wrapping a van with Paragon Auto Spa's branding for use as a mobile billboard. The design aims to be visually appealing and adhere to the company's guidelines. A trackable QR code was added that links to all relevant company information, including a PDF brochure, for easy access. The QR code also provides analytical data, allowing Marcus to track scans and use this information to improve ad placement.
A crucial aspect of communicating the Paragon Auto Spa brand is to showcase the expertise and skill of Marcus in action through capturing moments of him in the field utilizing his impressive tools. Demonstrating tangible proof of delivery is an effective way to establish credibility and build trust with the audience.
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