The goal of this project was to explore the possibilities of 3D and Animation for content and display. As a third-party concept designer, I was tasked to bring a fresh perspective to the latest edition of the 5711 Nautilus, a landmark moment for Patek Philippe with a Tiffany dial. Here's what I came up with!
My team and I took the final iteration of the 5711 and showcased it in a minimalist, zen-inspired room beyond the flowers in the garden. This was a nod to the original 5711 Nautilus's simple yet striking personality. Managing multiple personalities to bring this idea to life was a thrilling project experience and one of my favorite project management endeavors. See below for another idea from the same project.
The Tiffany Blue hue of this watch immediately evoked the image of a tranquil garden in my mind. The color resembling the sky, I decided to focus on nature and zen, incorporating elements of both in unique ways, with a touch of modern flair. The result are two concepts devoid of the sky but rich in natural beauty.
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